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Be Thankful

What are you thankful for?

It’s that time of the month when we start focusing on being thankful. This year has left us with little to be thankful for or has it?

The world is sliding downward it seems quicker and quicker these days. We have had natural disasters, a pandemic, not to mention political wars and everyday stresses. Anxiety is the call of the day. There doesn’t seem to be focused on that is demanding of our thanksgiving.

Even I feel a little guilty over having one item in my thankfulness journal last night. I been so filled with fatigue, anger, frustration, that I could only find one thing to be thankful for and that was just to put something down. I couldn’t focus on anything that was positive. The negative got in the way of thinking on things that were honorable, pure, right, lovely, of good report, excellent and praise worthy.

I could have put things on my list like:

A great day at work

Seeing my youngest dressed up for a homecoming gathering at church

Work getting my schedule right.

My oldest willing to go get her sister so I didn’t have to go out at 11 pm.

These are just a few. A friend of mine challenged me to be accountable a few months back to keep a thankfulness journal. The goal was to write three items at the end day we were thankful for. They could be simple or grandiose. It could be more or less but the goal was three a day. And we would text that list to each other every night.

Because I suffer with anxiety and depression, this was a great exercise for me. Not that it took these away but I found my attitude adjusting. I could find things to praise and thank God for even in the midst of feeling down. It caused my thinking to be more upbeat even though my body and emotions were the complete opposite. There was peace.

God is good even in the midst of trials. I challenge you to start a thankfulness journal of your own. Be accountable with a friend. Start with two or three and see how many things God allows you to see. I think you may see a difference in you life.

“May the peace of God guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”, as you see the big and small things to be thankful for each day, not just at Thanksgiving.

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