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What are you passionate about? When I thought about the word of the year that I wanted to focus on, it was a long list. Yes, I know we are five months into the year.  However, the word passionless kept coming to mind.

Life had been good, but there was no passion for it. I’m not saying that I walked around looking miserable but there wasn’t any “oomph”, just busyness. That included my spiritual life.

I think routines steal our passion especially spiritually. We have our quiet times and the Bible seems dry most of the time. Prayer time becomes something we do and not about the relationship we have with Christ.

In March my dream of going to Israel came true. For my husband and my twenty-fifth anniversary, we went to Rome, Athens, and Israel. One thing I asked God for on the trip was a new passion for Him.

To walk where my Savior walked was amazing. To this day I am pretty much speechless. To be on the temple mount where Jesus taught and removed the money changers, having communion at the empty grave, to sit on the steps that He walked up to the temple, to be in the town where He was born and raised, and had his headquarters in Capernaum for ministry was overwhelming.

These places brought the scripture more alive to me. The twinkle of passion started to grow. When I arrived home I didn’t want to go back to the same routine. Yet I have, but it’s different. It’s not about that I have to do this because it’s what good Christians do. It’s about the relationship. There have been times when I have had to pray, “Lord I don’t want to do this but because you are my God, I am here, meet me here.” And He does.

I might not learn anything new in my reading or some great truth may not come out of the time. But just being with the author of the Word and my salvation is good enough. That’s passion.

This is a full year for me. I desire passion in every area of my life but most of all I want more passion for the Lord. I want to gain a hunger for Him that is never satisfied.

How about you? What are you passionate about? Is there a passion for the Lord? I challenge you to pray and ask God for it. It may take time, the Lord’s timing is everything but I promise you it will come and it will be a growing time as well.

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I go to church every Sunday. It’s something I have done since I was a baby. Nothing like a good worship service. But recently it’s been a chore to go.

I just came back from a trip to Israel. And one of the things God really convicted me about is how I prepare to worship.

There was a site called the Southern Steps (one of the very few archeological sites known to still exist from Jesus’ days on the earth) One of the things that were mentioned was that the steps had different widths. This was done so that a person wouldn’t run up the stairs to get things done but to contemplate by walking slowly up to the temple. It forced a person to slow down and think about what they were about to do. The question one of our leaders asked was “What do we do to prepare for worship?

I had to take a long look within. I realized that I don’t prepare to worship. And that maybe it’s the reason I struggle with going. I don’t spend time in the Bible like I do other mornings. Why? I get it in church. I check e-mails and school schedules nothing that says I’m ready to worship my Creator and Savior. I do everything else including rushing around to get ready. Where is the peace, the excitement to spend time with God’s people worshipping the God of the Universe?

What other way would be perfect to prepare my heart to sing, and listen to the Word being taught than to spend time with one who has given me life, both spiritually and physically?

I have resigned from my old ways. I plan on intentionally spending time asking the Holy Spirit to prepare my heart for what is to come. That means no e-mails, school assignments, nothing that isn’t relevant to worship. That includes setting out the clothes the night before.

What are you doing to prepare to worship God? Are you rushing around instead of spending time with Him in the Word and prayer, and perhaps then turn on praise music.

Corporate worship does not negate the individual time that is necessary for us to grow. I challenge you to take a hard look at your Sunday routine and ask God if there is anything that needs to be put aside that morning so you can focus on the time of worship that is to come.

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