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Okay I’ll admit it, I’m a Christmas fiend. I have one big tree, three small trees and two medium size trees that get decorated every year. This year they went up a few weeks late because we were having renovations done.

I went to our local Hobby Lobby the other day and of course they had all their Valentines Day decorations out. I bought a few thinking well it’s a way to keep some of the trees up a little longer.

The next day I started preparing to take down our Jesus Tree. This tree to me is special because it is just dedicated to the true meaning of Christmas. Each ornament is a celebration of who He is and what He came to do. It hit me, isn’t that the ultimate Valentine?

Christ was born as one of His own creations out of love. He lived among us giving us an example on how to live a godly life through love. Everything He did came from an outpouring of love from His heart. Even the correction and so called rebukes. They were to show man that they needed His love in order to live an abundant life. Some caught on, some…well…their pride got in the way.

But the ultimate showing of His love was through a wooden cross. He died and took on Himself the burden of everyone’s sin. I mean everyone’s. That means you. His love was so strong for those He created He died so that we could live. Who more worthy to be recognized at Valentine’s Day than Jesus?

Oh precious one, if you don’t know  Him and the life giving love He has to offer I encourage you to go to the Invitation Tab at the top of the page. Allow Jesus to be your Valentine.

As for the tree. It  may become a new tradition in this house to leave it up who knows but this year it will remain.

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