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I’m not a people person.  That is to say, I don’t have to have people around me twenty-four seven.  However, silence is some thing I can’t handle either.  Usually I have to have the TV on just for noise, which in turn becomes a big distraction.  Lately, it’s been Christian radio which in reality, is a better choice in breaking the silence.

Another issue I see is the busyness of life.  Now I don’t cram my days with activity after activity, but with three girls I feel like I’m running all the time.

Our culture says the busier you are the better.  The danger in this is an overwhelmed schedule that makes it harder to hear from God.  This has been true about me over the past several months.

Through circumstances of life I realized that I have been neglecting my soul.  Sure I have been in the Word and praying but there is a discipline I have been ignoring.  Silence.

Silence means listening and that can’t be accomplished unless I’m intentional about doing it.  I can rush to get my time with God done and move on with my day, but what is the point in that?  That is not how a relationship works.

The first time I sat and was still, I stared at the wall waiting, nothing happened.  Frustrated, I started my day.  Needless to say I felt guilty. I determined to start over the next morning.

I sat down and said, “Okay, I’m here God. Show up.”  I don’t recommend saying that, my attitude wasn’t the greatest but He did.

I read the portion of scripture and waited. He showed me things I had never seen or realized before.

Two months later, the women’s director of my church recommended a book to me.  Embracing Soul Care – Making Space for What Matters Most by Stephen W. Smith.  It talks about how our lives get so bogged down with schedules that we start doing things in our strength and then neglect our spiritual lives.

This book has forced me to slow down, and be still before the Lord so He can refresh, and nourish my soul.  I have learned quite a bit about myself and the Lord.  As I have paused after my reading both this book and Scripture I take time to reflect on the questions and what the Lord has for me.

*These are just some of the things God has placed on my heart through sitting still and listening.

  1. Take the clock out of the office: I had become so task oriented that I was constantly checking the clock so I could end my time with Him before my girls got up for school.
  2. Praying before I start reading. Before, I always prayed after reading scripture 1. it took longer so if I had to cut something short it would be prayer  to apply what I read.
  3. Stop recording some of my favorite TV shows. TV became a distraction and took time away from more important things.
  4. Pray more for my children (pinpoint praying not vague prayers)

Even after a month, it’s still so hard not to do anything for a few minutes.  Sometimes I learn something new, other times God brings things to mind I need to confess, and yet other times it’s just to be silent and soak up the fact I am in the presence of the God of the universe, my Father.

How about you?  Do you look in the mirror and see a person you don’t know anymore.   Are you feeling overwhelmed, struggling with your quiet times.  Maybe you feel stretched thin, tired, both spiritually and in your everyday life.  Maybe it’s time to slow down, breath in God through reading, prayer and listening.  You won’t regret it.

Silence is golden.

*Please note – God works with each person differently. What He impress on my heart may not be what He wants for you.

“For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said, ‘In

Repentance and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.’”

Isaiah 30:15 (NASB)


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The fog is so thick; I can hardly see the hand in front of me. I know the spot I am in, yet I don’t know which way to go or what to do. I don’t want to take the wrong path so I stand confused, frustrated and frozen.

This is the feeling I get some days when I’m not feeling confident in who I am, what I’m doing, what God has called me to do, or overwhelmed with life in general.

When I started my second year as our church’s MOPS (Mother of preschoolers) Discussion Group Coordinator, I was given a DVD about my position. The longer I watched, the more my stomach turned into knots. I wasn’t doing anything they were saying to do. Did I mention I’m a rule-follower and love outlines?

As I walked to the mail box, I begged God’s forgiveness for being a lousy Coordinator; and for ill-equipping them to do their jobs. I also told Him I was overwhelmed with all the information and there was no way I would be able to implement all they said in two weeks.

Flipping through the mail I found a small card from one of the discussion group leaders. “I’m really not interested in going to a candle party, or a pampered chief party.”  I said to myself.

But it wasn’t an invitation. One of my leaders had written a “Thank You” note stating how much she appreciated the time I took to make sure that everyone was ready to serve.

Sobbing, I quickly went to email her to tell her what the note meant to me. Then she said the most amazing thing. “I kept forgetting to send it. I wanted to send it to you four days ago.”

God’s timing is everything. He knew I needed that note, that day. I learned a powerful. When I am in “fog” ask the ultimate encouragement-giver and He will send it.

I like to think of these as God’s hugs to me.

We all need encouragement from time to time. When I solicit encouragement from people, many times it leaves me emptier. I need to allow God to bring His encouragement, in His timing, in the means He chooses.

Warning: you may not receive it right away, but His timing is perfect.

But it goes both ways. As I listen to Him, many times I send a card or e-mail that another person needed just at that time it was received.

I have prayed that through writing — whether it be devotionals, blog posts or articles — all who read the words would feel as if God were giving them a hug of encouragement.

Are you in a “foggy”, overwhelming time?

Ask God to send you an encouraging hug. Then be patient. He may not send it right away but wait expectantly to feel His loving arms embrace you.

 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”  I Thessalonians 5:11

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