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It’s often said that we need to forget the past and move forward. In a sense I think that is right, but even God had the Israelites erect pillars.  When their children saw the pillar of rocks  the parents would be able to  give an account of what God had done for them. By telling the story, it would give hope and build their children’s faith for when the hard times came their trust would be in God. Joshua instructed the pillar to be a memorial for the Israelites (Joshua 4:1-7).

Allow me share one of mine.

A few days ago my mother brought over several of my report cards. Ugh! In elementary school they were curses. As I looked at them the tears welled up. D-, C-, D+ and a B here and there. In most cases they were earned, but in fourth grade they weren’t. Some should have been F’s, but I cheated, blatantly. I’m surprised no one tattled.

Granted it was wrong, but at that time it was survival. You see, I had a learning disability, a form of Dyslexia. In those days Dyslexia wasn’t a “real” issue. Others like me were labeled as rebellious, immature and having an attitude of not wanting to learn. I hated school so much I punched  myself in the stomach, so I wouldn’t have to lie about having tummy aches.

In fifth grade I changed schools and entered a program called the Discovery Center. My teacher, Ms. Lydia, met with me twice a week and helped re-train my brain so I could learn better.  She treated me with respect, love, and patience.  I ended up graduating high school fifteenth in my class, and with high honors.

For Christmas one year I made her a sampler of some of the exercises we use to do on the chalk board.

Cross stitch sampler

 A couple of years ago Lydia sent me the sampler. I framed it and put it on my desk as a pillar of remembrance.  When I sit at my desk I see the sampler it and I’m reminded of two things. First, if God could help me through a learning disability, He could help me through anything.

Secondly, it keeps me humble. There is no way I would be where I am today if God did not provide a teacher who understood what I needed and a program that would help me overcome the challenges I faced.  It would probably still be a great effort to read, or even memorize one verse never mind the whole book of James, which I am in the process of doing.

It doesn’t mean I dwell on the negative aspects of poor grades and special classes, but I can certainly praise Him for them. I have been able to share those times with my children to help them understand God does work in amazing ways.

Are there pillars in your life that once were a negative experience for you, but now can see where God worked in your life?   Thank God for them and share them when the opportunity presents itself. It may draw someone to seek God.

“…These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.” Joshua 4: 7 (NIV 1984)

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